MIMÌ from Milan to Montreal!

Last Tuesday we were invited to the launch of a new jewelry line at Bijouterie Italienne on St-Zotique. The line is called MIMÌ and it’s from Milan, but the store also has beautiful local designed jewelry. Whether from Montreal or Milan, think classy Italian all the way!

The diamonds used for Mimí jewellery are all natural and untreated.They come from legitimate sources that are not involved with funding armed conflicts, in accordance with United Nations resolutions. The diamonds used for Mimí jewellery have technical features equivalent to the VS – SI grade.

Mimí uses extremely high-quality freshwater pearls. All the pearls feature exclusively natural colours and are untreated. Pearls are NOT vegan, and I wouldn’t purchase any for myself, but I still rather know when a company uses natural products as much as possible.

Mimí gemstones are all natural. The special unconventional cuts, mixed cuts, are specially designed and created to show off every jewel to its full potential.

All the pictures below were taken by Franck Lansiaux, make-up touch up done by Laurence Harel.

About the designer: Giovanna Broggian, Giò to her colleagues,was born to design jewellery. The designer of Mimí – and many other creations – grew up surrounded by the pearls and diamonds imported by the family business. So it is only natural that she has been dreaming of creating jewellery since she was a child. Studying art and graduating in architecture and design in Milan provided the foundations for her vibrant, imaginative creativity, which enables Giovanna to envisage and create such colourful and poetic jewellery. Italian sensitivity and sophisticated Eastern precision blend together in the opalescent, iridescent light of her beloved pearls to echo faraway cultures and journeys. So each piece of jewellery exudes sweet yet adventurous femininity, portraying the essence of many women and naturally that of Giò.

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