Vegan Tipples – Picking Your Wine!

Wine is one of the only products where no ingredient list is required. However did you know that wine can contain fish guts, bovine tissue, crustacean shells, or avian albumin? Barnivore has put together quite the extensive list of vegan-friendly wines. And even if you aren’t vegan, wouldn’t you prefer a “cleaner” wine?

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Le vin est un des produits sur le marché qui ne nécéssite aucune liste d’ingrédients. Cependant saviez-vous qu’on pouvait y retrouver des entrailles de poisson, des tissus bovins, des écailles de crustacés, et de l’albumine aviaire ? Barnivore a mis au point une liste des vins convenant aux végétaliens, et même si vous ne l’êtes pas, un vin plus “propre” ça ne vous dit pas ?

2 thoughts on “Vegan Tipples – Picking Your Wine!

    • Hi! Well I must admit I don’t drink very much wine since my boyfriend won’t touch it – He’s from France and did too much grape harvesting and wine tasting as a kid! I must say I was disappointed to find out Barefoot wines are not vegan-friendly as they sponsor a lot of events, but I do like Ménage à Trois merlot, Gato Negro, Lulu B, and Masi. I tend to drink more beer, which I will write about in more depth in another post. If you want to have easy access to what is vegan-friendly when you’re out, I would recommend the app VeganXpress, which lists all kinds of food products and you can check it out here 🙂

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